My Safe Place

The wind in my hair, sunshine on my cheeks, rocks beneath my feet, dirt under my finger nails, blood on my shin, I am in my safe place. The bicycle is my haven, my place to escape the world one day and discover it the next. Two wheels and endless possibilities. The very simplistic nature of the bicycle enables me to be myself, to feel free. I found my safe place at summer camp when I was 10. Even though I had been on bicycles plenty of times before, this was different, this was mountain biking. I immediately felt free, as if the doors of the world opened up to me.

When I am on a bicycle and see someone else on a bicycle, we share a glance. Sometimes it’s a mischievous smirk, sometimes a head nod to acknowledge our sustainable transport decision, sometimes a breathless hello when climbing up a hill….no matter what it is, there is an exchange. At this mutual place, the bicycle, we can relate to each other.

Imagine what the world would be like if we all had this safe space?


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