Launching the GHW waka

Cyclists on GHW launch, Oriental BayOn Sunday, about 300 cyclists, in a variety of flavours of age, inclination, and experience, biked from Queens Wharf to Shelly Bay to launch the first stage of the Great Harbour Way/Te Aranui o Poneke.

Given the recent spate of media reports of cycling accidents, it may come as a surprise that no-one collided with a motor vehicle or otherwise contributed to the accident statistics, and although there were a few grimaces as we battled the southerly up Evans Bay, everyone had a good time.

Which was the point – cycling is an enjoyable, convenient and relatively safe way to get around, and having a recognised cycling and walking route around the harbour will make this critical recreational and commuting route even more enjoyable, convenient and safe.

If you missed the event because you weren’t Wellingtonian enough to leap out of bed when a southerly front is lashing at the windows; or because the attractions of Toast Martinborough proved too great, you can vicariously experience the launch on Flickr or on Scoop.

In the meantime, check the website for updates and reports on the Great Harbour Way/ Te Aranui o Poneke project. Or just go out and ride the route!


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