Cycle gathering TONIGHT, 5pm at Civic Square

In light of all the horrible, sad cycling accidents that happened over the last week, a gathering has been organised for TONIGHT, 5pm at Civic Square.

*Via email*

Hi there,

As I’m sure you all know, it has been a terrible week for cyclists around the country. We’d like to do something about it.

My partner and I have spent many hours on the roads around New Zealand, and also in London and Amsterdam, so we know there is potential to improve the attitudes of drivers – and cyclists – here in NZ.
So we’re proposing a small viral campaign and would like to know if you’d be interested in being involved.

We work in TV and media, so have the resources and people to get this made. All we need is a good representative group of cyclists out there to be the stars!
We’d like to do this soon – starting filming tomorrow – while we’ve got the country’s attention.

Below is a brief outline of the video we’d like to make. Any comments or suggestions are welcome. And if you have a few spare minutes over the next couple of days to get involved we’d love to hear from you. Or feel free to pass this onto other people who may be interested and available over the next few days.

We want to give cyclists a voice, and ask drivers to give us a chance! We know this is only a small gesture, and likely will only be seen by people who already are aware of cyclists safety, but even if we can get just a few people to change their attitudes it will help.

Thanks for your time. We look forward to hearing from you.

Hilleke and Mike

022 545 3837

Little Fighter Films Ltd.
PO Box 27539
Te Aro, Wellington 6141



“Give Us a Chance”
We start with single wide shots of a diverse group of people standing with
their bikes, around 10-15 people. We want a range of ages from school kids to
grandmothers, businessmen and women, sporty types and commuters, mountain
bikers and ladies in ‘frocks’.
As they stand we track in slowly and hear in voiceover the reason why they cycle:
“I bike to get to work.”
“To get to school.”
“To get fit.”
“Because I love it!”


The tone is serious and matter of fact. Look will be black and white, filmic and “gritty”
Then we cut back to the same people, on close-ups of their faces saying things like:
“I’m not just a hazard.”
“I’m not an obstacle.”
“I’m not a roadblock.”
“I’m not trying to get in your way.”
“I’m not just a wanker in lycra.”
“I’ll get out of your way if I can. Just give me a chance.”


If they say something funny they can laugh or smile. This part is to humanise them.
Maybe have GFX over them saying who or what they are ie Mother, son, brother, teacher, etc.
Then montage/mosaic of the people saying;


Possible ending: To hammer message home end on small child wearing bicycle helmet saying: “Please, give me a chance”.


Then full-screen title:
Give us a chance.
Drivers please be aware of cyclists(?)


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