Bike skills training sessions – free!

Image credit: Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Looking to upgrade your bike-riding skills? Or would you like to ride more with your children & pass good riding skills on to them?

Wellington City Council are organising a couple of cycle skills training sessions, run with fabulous instructors from CAN. And these initial sessions are free free free! (Later sessions will have a cost, so get in now)!


November 27th, December 4th

10am – 1pm

Lyall Bay School, Freyberg Street

November 27th is for parents and their kids (aged 8+) to learn together.

December 4th is an adults session.

You and your children will need to:

  • know the basics of how to ride a bike
  • bring along a road-worthy bike and helmet

The classes will take the form of roughly 1 hour off road (in the playground) doing basic drills, and 2 hours on the roads around Lyall Bay.

The classes are nice & small; a maximum of 12 per class with two instructors.

People can contact Emma Hope to register on 803 8632 or


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