Tweed Ride and Picnic – Sat 6 Nov

Slip into your favourite tweeds – or tartans or argyle – bust out your picnic basket and roll up your rug.  Join Frocks On Bikes and the Gentlemanly Paddlers  for a sophisticated Wellington City tweed ride to a leisurely spring picnic in the Botanic Gardens.  Gather with your picnic basket, trusty steed and thermos of tea at High Noon by Freyburg pool. We will ride along the waterfront and through town to the Botanic Gardens Soundshell lawn for the first Frocknic of the season.

When: Saturday, 6 November
What time: 12pm
Meet where: Freyburg Pool
To go to: the Soundshell in Botanical gardens
For: Picnic


One thought on “Tweed Ride and Picnic – Sat 6 Nov

  1. christina

    Tweed Ride and Picnic is on tomorrow, Sunday 7 November at 12pm. Meet at Freyburg pool with your tweeds, tartans, twills or argyles and some picnic-ables.
    Today’s weather was a bit too gnarley for a sweet sophisticated ride – and too wet for a picnic!!

    Everyone is invited to join the fun!


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