Stylish Wheelin’ – a peek behind the curtains

A peak behind the curtains (Sophie and Raeanna)
Backstage excitement (Photo by Dominika Zielinska)

Have you ever thought that fashion shows are not for common people, have you got the impression that you can only bike in Wellington if you are wearing a fluorescent lycra outfit, have you ever made an excuse for not biking because you think you need a 40-speed bike to battle the wind and the hills? Then open your eyes and ears, the Wheel Stylish fashion show in Wellington on Saturday 16 of Frocktober proved all those thoughts wrong.

Frocks on Bikes Wellington, following a similar Cyle Fasion show in Auckland earlier this year, organised a fashion show on wheels. Showing that beautiful bikes ridden by beautiful women in beautifully designed clothes go hand in hand. So there we were, 12 gorgeous women of round and about size 10, and selected because we should be able to handle our bike and safely ride at walking speed without crashing into a crowd. After many weeks of preparation, the atrium of the new BNZ building along the waterfront was transformed to a fashion show, including a stage for the MC (the amazing Lisa Tomlins), a bikelane as catwalk, two backstage areas behind a row of curtains – one for the beautiful bikes and one for the stylish women, and of course wine and nibbles.

Karen in Hunters and Collectors dress
Karen in Hunters and Collectors dress (Photo by Dominika Zielinska)

The bikes – mamachari, simple and stylish Japanese road bikes for upright biking, an old raleigh, and modern and light road bikes had been polished and accesories  added. Just before the show, the women were being polished while they were fitting on the amazing Wellington designer clothing. Nobody would have guessed that with all the fancy dresses, skirts, high heels and fancy heads, we were preparing ourselves for a bike ride. When the time was finally there to ride out in the catwalk, we had practiced enough to keep steady on our bike while cycling past the crowds on walking speed and giving our best smiles and looks.

Fair enough, the fashion show was indoors and so we were exempted from wearing a helmet. But the fashion showed it is cool to wear your fanciest clothing on your bike. Try it yourself in your daily commute and you will see that you will get a lot more attention, feel more confident and become more visible (who does not turn around seeing a fancy lady in a tight skirt cycling past – same applies to guys wearing a smart suit). But the best of all, it gives you but also the people around you a lot of joy and that’s what we need to show people: cycling is fun! So follow the frocks on bikes and wheel in style!

Rebecca wearing starfish
Wheel stylish (Photo by Dominika Zielinska)

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