Two more sleeps til Frocktober the 16th!

Two more days until THE social event of the season. A stylish pre-ride, dedicated bike parking, wine & delicious nibbles… See you at Solace in the Wind (by Te Papa) at 2pm for the ride down to Wheel Stylish, BNZ Harbour Quays Building on the waterfront, starting 2:30 Frocktober 16th. And best of all, it’s FREE!


5 thoughts on “Two more sleeps til Frocktober the 16th!

  1. Lisa

    And camera, I hope!

    How do you attach/detach your crate? I’m looking for a method that has the security of cable ties but is removable at will. Some sort of ratcheted strapping, perhaps?


    1. This is where you recycle that inner tube that has had too many holes to be worth patching. Thread it through the box/crate so there is a loop on either side, then pull these down to hook onto the fittings at the bottom of the carrier stays. You may need to adjust the length etc to get the right tension, but once you’ve done that it’s very stable, and can be removed and fitted easily. Here’s a photo of my setup.


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