Share the road?

Share the Road is a concept that has come from London and found a home in New Plymouth. New Plymouth, along with Hastings is the recent lucky recipient of a $7.28 million Model Communities project aimed at getting more people cycling and walking. Much envy!

Share the Road is basically a campaign aimed at people’s better selves. It asks road users to remember that they’re all people, regardless of the form of transport they’re using that day.

Enter stage left, angry bike lawyer Steve Magas of Ohio. Steve reckons Share the Road is a flawed concept; that road users have rights and that these shouldn’t be granted as favours by the other road users in the vicinity.

I think this is a worthwhile debate to have. On one hand we NZ drivers are notoriously aggressive and need to chill out massively on the road. On the other hand it’s a fair call to say that at present cyclists aren’t respected on the road, and that bike riders do need to stand up for our rights as road users in order to get some traction.

So what do you think?

H/T Cyclelicious


2 thoughts on “Share the road?

  1. J

    While Share the Road sounds like a nice campaign, my problem is that New Zealand’s roading infrastructure isn’t allowing bikes and cars to share.

    Between the tyre grabbing drains, to the asphalt canyon on the shoulder cyclists are fighting an uphill battle.

    If the government and the WCC want to take cycling seriously they must prevent cycling casualties by fixing the roads for cyclists not just cars.

    Why does the Evans Bay “cycle lane” still have parallel drain covers all the way along? Surely the city would be liable if a cyclist was injured because of them? Perhaps an angry bike lawyer would stop the council from sitting on their hands on these issues…


  2. Lisa

    As I understand it there’s a bit more to it than simply turning the drain covers around, although I don’t know the detail.

    I agree about the shoulder – I also find that underground drains tend to be laid just outside the parking lines. When they’re dug up the resulting patch job makes for quite a rough ride, not to mention broken glass accumulating in the depression.

    I’ve suggested to WCC that they might like to address on this site the issues that people frequently raise with them. Could be a good opportunity for dialogue and debate!


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