Frocktober Wants You!

Image credit: Mikael Colville-Andersen / Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Hey everyone! Wheel Stylish is rolling onwards with increasing momentum, and Frocks On Bikes is looking for volunteers!  You could spend a couple of hours of your time being part of an historic event – Wellington’s first-EVER cycle chic fashion parade, Wheel Stylish!  It’s run by the lovely lasses from Frocks On Bikes, on Saturday 16th Frocktober.

Wheel Stylish needs helpful people on on either (or both!) Friday 15th and Saturday 16th Frocktober. People with cars would be extra-welcome and plied with chocolate.  They’re looking for assembly and pack-down hands, a bike parking guide (encouraging people to use the special parking), waiters and drink-pourers, a ‘stablehand’ for the bikes going to be modelled… there’s all sorts of fun to be had!

Send Bella Cawthorn an email – !


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