This is our chance!

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I’ve just come from coffee with a friend who tells me voter turnout in Wellington City is currently standing at around 18%* with only a week to go. Only 18%!

This is our chance to make a difference, guys. Get out there and vote for bike-friendly candidates. There’s enough of us cyclists in this town to swing the vote in a positive direction.

You have your mission. Now GO!

* I’ll try to confirm that figure on Monday.

One thought on “This is our chance!

  1. Lisa

    I’ve just had an email from someone asking good questions about the candidates. I’m posting my answer here in case it’s helpful.

    “As far as Wellington City goes, the best place to look is and for Greater Wellington The other councils would have similar stuff, if you’re in another catchment area.

    The candidates are generally pretty upfront about where they stand on the issues you’re interested in – although it’s a safe bet that if they don’t mention them then they don’t see them as important. As always, the Greens have fairly strong views on those matters.

    Candidate meetings have stopped now, but if you want to know more about a particular candidate who interests you I’m sure Google would be your friend.

    There’s a good article (and discussion) about STV voting at


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