The week in bikes

Around the world in bikes this week…

Barry has called our attention to Bicycle Quarterly magazine. Cycling in Wellington might have to save some pennies for a subscription to that one.

Planet Green thinks we cyclists might not be as visible as we think.

Cyclelicious has photos and video from the Interbike fashion show and finds a 96 year old cyclist – how’s that excuse for not riding looking now?

Also at Interbike, the staff at hand out their Editor’s Choice awards.

Prague is celebrating safer cycling with a street party.

Tri Rig looks at the world’s lightest bike.

Bikewise has a whole bunch of news including fabulous spring events – go check it out!

Copenhagenize gets annoyed.

The Guardian reviews the Cycle Streets satnav app for iPhone.

And finally, an old post but food for thought, Radical Transport examines How to Build a Decent Cycle Road Between Petone and Ngauranga.


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