Dog Shit or Vomit?

This post appeared on Cycling in Auckland yesterday. We think it’s pretty relevant to Wellington, and Unity, the author, has generously allowed us to reproduce it here.

One of the hazards of cycling in the city, particularly on a Saturday or Sunday morning, is the ever present danger of cycling through vomit. We have a lot of it in Auckland city. This got me thinking about nasty stuff that one could potentially ride through and triggered an ‘AHA moment‘. The aha moment was the realisation that all of the truly great cities that I have lived in have had dog shit, not vomit, as their number one road substance hazard.

With the impending Cycotecture event tomorrow night, I started to ponder why. The thought occurred that the presence of dog doo doo signifies that people live there, with their families and pets. As people walk their dogs to the local cafe, corner shop or park, fouling occurs (of course they should pick it up but that’s another story). Auckland city is very low on dog excrement and very high on vomit.

So what does vomit signify? What ever it is, I don’t think that it is a good thing!

When I looked at my Supercity election booklet recently, the question I asked myself was who was most likely to deliver more dog shit!


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