It’s Moments Like This . . .

The ride home: At Moa Point looking towards sunsent in Marlborough.
It’s moments like this that make me love cycling in Wellington and, well, just cycling in general. As drivers zoom past and buses chug on by, I took the opportunity to savour the beautiful sights Wellington had to offer. Granted I lost a minute in my training routine to snap this photo but (shhhhh) Coach need not know.
I do it too – rush from A to B so focused on “the next thing” that I rarely look up and see the world around me. Even on the bike, I’m watching the clock count my laps, watching for glass, for cars, for doors, etc.  When I remember to actually sit up and look around me I’m always awe-stuck by how gorgeous this place is. We truly are lucky to live and ride in Wellington.

3 thoughts on “It’s Moments Like This . . .

  1. Wellington’s Round the Bays loop – it’s hard to think of a better route for training or plain old cruising. I like clockwise because there’s no intersections on the left, am closer to the sea, and because if I want to bail out and cut back to Newtown I have options.
    But sometimes I ride counterclockwise so I can see all those bikers coming the other way.
    Favourite bit? First glimpse of South Island.


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