Riding in a dress – part one

Here’s a short film from Little Known Travel about their visit to Copenhagen, featuring Mikael Colville-Andersen of Copenhagen Cycle Chic and Copenhagenize.

There are two things that interest me about this film. The first is the urban planning/infrastructure information. The second is the clothes people are wearing.

Like most people in New Zealand, when I was a kid I rode my bike everywhere. Not only would it never have occurred to me to dress in lycra to do so, I was a real girly girl when it came to clothes. My mother tried for years to get me into trousers or jeans or ANYTHING bifurcated but as far as I was concerned that was what boys wore and I’d stick with the dresses thanks. So that’s what I wore on my bike.

As a non-cycling adult I definitely bought the line that cycling would limit my wardrobe choices. Most of the people I knew who rode bikes were guys, and apart from the occasional kilt they were, of course, trousered on a daily basis. So it was no problem for them to believe one could wear ordinary clothing – but as a skirt-wearer I knew better!

Fortunately for me, one of these chaps was a little outside the mold. An ardent wearer of tailored tweed, fine shirts and highly polished shoes, he dressed impeccably each morning (weekends included, thank you), hopped on one of his bikes and elegantly rode to his destination. Seeing him pedal off in his finery made me start to wonder… maybe cycling attire consisting of something other than jeans/cargos/shorts could be a goer.

[Coming soon, part two.]


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