Car free day in Wellington

car free day 2010
Today is World Car Free Day. I met David, Liz and Richard in Island Bay and we teamed up to ride into town. Yvonne and Gilbert greeted us at the Basin Reserve with free chocolates (thanks Whittakers), then we headed for Civic Sq to meet the other grupettos, from Ngaio, Lyall Bay, Karori and all over. One superhero pedalled in from Waikanae. Crikey. Met a bunch of lovely people and some old friends. Thanks to the GW team and CAW volunteers. That’s how we roll.


3 thoughts on “Car free day in Wellington

  1. Comment from a first-timer:
    “I have always seen other cyclists moving freely along the motorway and thought to myself ‘I can do that too’ but of course I never have. When I saw the Car free Day advertised with bike trains being lead by Council Volunteers I thought to myself this is the day. Although I woke to rain and cold I made my way to the meeting point and was cheerfuly lead and encourged by my guide Nicky into the CBD. Without my guide I would never have cycled into work.
    I feel so much better for starting my day in this way and am quietly smiling to myself with a big sense of acheivement.
    So thank you to all involved in making this a memorable day for this first time rider”


  2. Lisa

    I second that! If it weren’t for an experienced rider taking the time and looking out for me I would never have got back on my bike after such a long break.

    Thanks guys, it really makes a difference for us first-timers.


  3. Simon Kennett

    What a great day. Handing out chocolates was fun. So many Wellingtonians who responded with ‘Oh yeah – I walk every day’ or ‘Thanks! I don’t even own a car.’


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