Free chocolates for people on bikes

Join a Bike Grupetto to ride car-free into town

Join a what? A Bike Grupetto is a new way to commute in a group. On September 22, there will be a new style of commuting for the day. Coming in from suburbs all around the city, 12 small, friendly groups of cyclists will be commuting into Wellington CBD.

Thanks Whittakers for the chocs!

Along with David L, I’ll be leading the Island Bay grupetto.

Whether you’re a regular rider or a newbie, you can ride with a Bike Grupetto and receive a Nui coffee voucher from Civic Square.

Leading the Bike Grupetto is a volunteer who rides with the group along their route into town. Bike Grupettos are a great way to build your confidence, find new routes and raise awareness about biking for transport in the Wellington area.

The Bike Grupetto timetables are listed below and you can click on each line to see the exact route you’d be taking and how long it will take. The leaders have all been participants in our bike buddy scheme as bike mentors. They will be wearing a green ‘Car-Free Day’ sash and an identifier on their bike. The leaders will arrive at the starting location ten minutes before departure time and will leave at the specified time below.

All Bike Grupettos, will be ending at Civic Square where Nui coffee vouchers will be given out to all Bike Grupetto riders between 8 and 9am.



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