Sunday market love

It’s Sunday today, so of course that means a trip to the vege market at Waitangi Park. Ever since I got my beautiful Basil panniers it’s been a total breeze to do the weekly shop. No more lugging heavy bags around! They’re suprisingly capacious too, I’ve only once wondered if I would run out of room but a little bit of re-packing sorted that out.

The weight actually makes the bike slightly easier to handle. I have fairly narrow tires which makes the handling extremely responsive (maybe a bit too much for someone who’s just getting back into it), so full panniers add a little extra stability.

I get a lot of smiles from people when they see the panniers, which I must say is a lovely way to start a morning.

And then the best bit – I get to ride home again!


2 thoughts on “Sunday market love

  1. Lisa

    I don’t know of anyone doing that sort of thing here but I reckon there’s a couple of potential candidates. The designers involved in the Frocks on Bikes Cycle Style events might be up for it. And Laurie Foon from Starfish rides a bike.

    Recycled PVC would be pretty weatherproof, wouldn’t it? Anyone interested can have a look at


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