The morning peloton

Had a beautiful ride along the waterfront to work this morning. At the intersection of Bunny and Featherston Streets there’s one of our few dedicated cycle lanes. This morning there were several riders in line, waiting for the lights. It made my day to see so many people on bikes, just going to work. As the lights changed & we pulled away one guy said to his mate “It’s like a bloody peloton!” And it was. Fantastic!


4 thoughts on “The morning peloton

  1. Alex

    Had a nice moment riding in through Newtown this morning – a cycle stop box full of people on bikes! Riddiford/John Sts there were probably about 6 of us, enjoying the fresh spring air.


  2. Daniil

    Where are these bike lanes and stop boxes you speak of? I ride from Mt Vic to CBD and have yet to encounter one. Btw, how does one pronounce the “P” word?


    1. Lisa

      That is an excellent question. One of the primary functions of this site will be to bring together all that sort of useful information in one place – when I get a minute to write it all up!

      Cycle lane and shared footpath locations are listed at It would be good if they were mapped somewhere – I’ll try to find out if they are.

      The stop boxes are marked in green on the map that this very long link points to,174.771194&spn=0.064092,0.169086&z=13.

      Peloton is a French word and so should be pronounced through ones nose with a silent ‘n’ and the accent on the third syllable. But because we’re in New Zealand we tend to flatten it out quite a bit. Imagine how a sheep farmer would say it, and that’s about how it’s said. I hope this helps 😉


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